Club Board - 2024-2025

Palo Alto Rotary Club Board
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Rebecca Geraldi
Bruce Gee
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Charlie Weidanz
Judy Kleinberg


The Board of Directors meets the second Wednesday morning of each month at 8 am. Meetings are open to all members.
Contact the President to confirm the meeting location.

For current information, consult

PRESIDENT - Conducts weekly meetings and presides at monthly Board of Directors meetings. In collaboration with the members of the Board, establishes goals for the year and oversees club projects and programs. Makes committee assignments and is responsible for executing decisions of the Board. Serves for one year from 1 July to 30 June.

PRESIDENT-ELECT - Serves on the Board of Directors. Is available to substitute for the President as needed to preside over a club or board meeting or other club or district focused events. Chairs the Nominating Committee in November to choose the President-Elect, for the year following. Plans and organizes for his/her upcoming year. Takes on special assignments as needed.

PAST PRESIDENT - The Past President serves on the Board for one year after their term in office. The Past President has three jobs: organize the Greeters who welcome members and visitors at each meeting; chair The Rotary Foundation Fund Raising Campaign; chair the committee for the “Debunking” and dinner at the end of the current President’s term of office.

TREASURER - Helps the President prepare the Club budget. Maintains all financial records and provides regular financial reports and analysis to the Board of Directors. Prepares checks and makes deposits as required.  

SECRETARY - Club Records, Data Management: working with the President, make and distribute the monthly Board of Directors meeting agenda; take and distribute minutes of Board Meetings; assist Membership Chair with new member packets and report through club website to Rotary International on all membership changes; receive and distribute Club mail.