Aug 24, 2020
Vicent Partal, Journalist in Catalonia
The coronavirus pandemic as a symptom of a global systemic crisis

Vicent Partal (Born in 1960) is a Catalan journalist, director of VilaWeb, the most important online newspaper in Barcelona, established in 1995.

He is also an IEC (Catalan Academy of Sciences and Humanities) academician and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the European Journalism Center. Based in Maastricht (The Netherlands), EJC is a professional organization that works for the promotion of quality journalism in Europe and to assimilate the great technological and cultural changes that accompany the digitalization of the media.

As a reporter and correspondent, he covered events for several TV and newspapers around the world during decades, including the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the coup d'état in the USSR and the independence process of the Baltic countries, the Balkan war, the revolt of Beijing students, the End of apartheid in South Africa, the beginning of Palestinian autonomy, the conflict in Kurdistan, the democratic movement in Hong Kong or several elections in the United States.

Partal has won a number of awards, including Premi Ciutat de Barcelona of Journalism 1999 and the National Journalism Award in 2004 and published several books about Europe, the Catalan process of independence, and journalism.