Palo Alto Rotary Committees - 2018-2019
MEMBERSHIP - Board Member, Elizabeth Santana: Committee Chair: Charlie Weidanz: Members, Ralph Adams, Tony Adessa, Dick Bush, Nick Granoski, Lee Lippert, Steve Player
Responsible for building a solid base of new members each year and integrating them into the club. Sally Tomlinson, Club Secretary
We Care -  Pam Brandin and Dave Smullin, co-chairs
Coordinates the Club’s response in the event of a member’s/spouse’s serious illness, difficult circumstances, or death.
CLUB OPERATIONS – Board Member: Dave Thornton
Audio Visual Setup - Richard Keller

Handles the audio visuals and microphones.
Cashiers - Jane Khalaf:  Schedules members to record lunch sales & attendance at club meetings
Club Website - Bruce Gee, Ginny Lear, Bob McCowan, Katie Seedman, Jim Sutherland: Maintain and improve our club's web site.
Pinion -- Editor Lyle Connell: Schedules writers; ensures Pinion is written and composed after each meeting. Writers: John Kidd, Hal Mickelson, Don Morgan, Dick Mansfield, Matt Nolan, Geoff Ziman. Alternate writers: Rob Lancefield, Oana Marcu, Mike McMahon and Walt Hays; Alternate editor:  Brian Steen 
Distribution:  Bruce Gee and Ginny Lear -  Ensure Pinion is distributed after each meeting.
Sergeant-at-Arms -  Steve Madsen
Sets up the meeting room on Mondays and secures the room after the meeting
CLUB SERVICE - Board Member, Dick Bush
Greeters - Betsy Bechtel:  organizes greeters to welcome members and visitors before meetings.
Opening Remarks -  Mel Matsumoto 
Coordinates the 2 minute member remarks at each meeting’s opening.
Program - Sally Tomlinson & Pam Krudop: Co-chairs:  Betsy Bechtel, Margaret Boles, Henrietta Burroughs, Nancy Chan, Diana Diamond, Oana Marcu, Hal Mickelson, Bill Oberman, Daryl Savage, Art Stauffer, Jim Sutherland, Ben Threlkeld, Dana Tom.
Ensures that each meeting has outstanding speakers who are introduced at the meeting and sent post-meeting thanks.
Social Events - Katie Seedman, Chair: Working with various members to plan and manage club events throughout the year such as casual evening get togethers, parties, or other social events in a member's home, such as the holiday party, and assist in the annual debunking of our President in a restaurant.
Ten Minute Talks - Rob Lyman   
Arranges the Program for Red Badge members and long-time members
COMMUNITY SERVICE - Board Member, Hal Mickelson
Annual Fund Raiser: Co-Chairs:  Richard Bush, Bruce Gee, Ginny Lear, Peter Shambora, Rebecca Geraldi, Katie Seedman, Charlie Weidanz; and more...
Produce a community based fundraising event.  Proceeds to support the Palo Alto Rotary Club Annual Charities Fund.
Charitable Grants - Bill Johnson; Mike Couch, Marcie Cox, Leonard Ely, Leannah Hunt, Liz Kniss, Iris Korol, Le Levy, George Newton, Peter Shambora, Art Stauffer, Judith Steiner, Michael Wick
Solicits, evaluates and makes recommendations to the Board for our charitable community grants.
Obtains media coverage for events that are of interest to the wider community.

Obtains media coverage for events that are of interest to the wider community.
VOCATIONAL SERVICE - Board Members: Steve Emslie
Vocational Scholarships - Pamela Krudop & Rebecca Geraldi, Co-Chairs; Julie Jerome, Dana Tom, Sally Tomlinson, Bruce Swenson, Ed Dangler, Joyce Cusick: Publicizes opportunities, evaluates candidates and awards scholarships to those seeking a vocational education at our local community colleges.
Hands on/Sleeves Up -  Rebecca Geraldi
Plans and executes various hands-on club or community work days each year.
INTERNATIONAL SERVICE -  Board Member: Tim Watson
The Rotary Foundation - Betsy Bechtel, Chair;  Mike McMahon, Treasurer
The mission of The Rotary Foundation is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.  
The Rotary Foundation helps fund our Club's humanitarian activities, from local service projects to global initiatives.  Our Club or District can apply for grants from The Rotary Foundation to invest in projects and provide scholarships.  The Rotary Foundation also leads the charge on worldwide Rotary campaigns such as the eradication of polio and the promotion of peace.

World Community Service - Tim Watson, Betsy Bechtel, Jayne Booker, Derrick Britt, Mike Couch, Marcie Cox, Kevin Curry, Ed Dangler, Hersh Davis, Tom Gracon, Walt Hays, Karishma Jumani, Jane Khalaf, Iris Korol, Rob Lancefield, Ginny Lear, Le Levy, Susan Lutter, Mike McMahon, Hal Mickelson, Nina Moore, Bill Oberman, Akram Piracha, Andrew Pierce, Dan Quinn, Sherri Sager, Art Stauffer, Brian Steen, George Wheaton, Geoff Ziman
Selects and monitors our participation in international community service projects.  Applies for District matching grants and coordinates projects with other Clubs.
International Hands On/Sleeves Up -  Le Levy, George Wheaton, Annette Glanckopf, Walt Hays, Art Stauffer:  Plans and directs annual international community activity.
YOUTH SERVICE - Board Member:  Rebecca Geraldi
Youth Protection Officer - Rebecca Geraldi, Ginny Lear, Ensure that Rotary Youth Protection Certification is completed by the Youth Service Chair, the President, and is offered to all members.  
Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts - Mike Baird  
Provide liaison to the Palo Verde based Boy Scout Troop 5 & the Cub Scout Pack 6 that are sponsored by the Club.  Each are given $1,000/year in support of their activities.
Girl Scouts - Karen Rohde
Provide liaison to the Palo Alto Girl Scouts, to whom we give $2,000/year in support of their activities.
Interact/YCS at Gunn HS -  Pamela Krudop
PA Rotary contributes funds in support of their activities. The Interact Chair gets to know the leaders and supports their activites with time and keeping Rotarians aware of them.
Camp RYLA - Rebecca Geraldi
Selects campers for the Rotary Youth Leadership Training Camp held each summer.
Rotary Youth Exchange - Rebecca Geraldi
Occasionally, a Gunn High student attends school for a year in a foreign country and lives with a host family. At the same time a foreign student lives with a Palo Alto family and attends Gunn HS. 
Silicon Valley Rotaract - Palo Alto Rotary Club is a sponsor of this group
A reminder that Palo Alto Rotarians support four interrelated, yet separate organizations.
1.  Palo Alto Rotary Club (501(c)(4)) - club operations
2.  Palo Alto Rotary Club Annual Charities (PARCAC) (501(c)(3)) - local charitable disbursement  
3.  Palo Alto Rotary Endowment (501(c)(3)) - 5% of principal annually goes to PARCAC
4.  The Rotary Foundation  (501(c)(3))  of RI International - annually gives grants to Clubs and Districts; ?funds ongoing projects such as End Polio Now.