Past Speakers - 2015

December 2015 Programs

December 7   Dan Jurasfsky, Chair of Stanford Linguistics Dept. and Professor of Computer Science: "The Language of Food" 
December 14   Holiday program - Palo Alto Players: Broadway Musical Numbers 
December 21   DARK - No meeting
December 28   DARK - No meeting

November 2015 Programs

November 2   Edith Cabuslay, Progam Manager, SM County Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention Unit: "The Social Determinants of Health"
November 9   Dr. Walter Bortz, retired Clinical Professor of Medicine at Stanford, author of The Roadmap to 100
November 16   Stefan Heck, Consulting Professor at the Precourt Institute for Energy at Stanford University: “Revolution in Transportation” 
November 23   Azadeh Tabazadeh, author and former NASA Scientist: "The Sky Detective, A Memoir of escape from Iran" 
November 30   Felicia Marcus, Chair, State Water Resources Control Board: "California's Water Resources"

October 2015 Programs

October 5   Kate Corcoran: "The Increasing Popularity of Mindfulness and What it Means to You"
October 12   Bruce Lehnert, Podiatrist: "The International Extremity Project" 
October 19   Michelle Quinn, San Jose Mercury News: "San Francisco v. Silicon Valley -- Two Different Tech Visions: Which will Prevail?" 
October 26   Herant Katchadourian: "The Psychology of Guilt" 

September 25 Programs

September 7   DARK - No Meeting
September 14   Richard Held, FBI Retd: "NSA, ISIS and Cyber Vulnerabilities: Do We Really Understand the Implications?"
September 21   Mitchell Postel, President of the San Mateo County Historical Association: "The Rough and Tumble Political Beginnings of San Mateo County" 
September 28   Susan Lutter, Chair, Board of Directors, Pan African Sanctuary Alliance: "World Community Service: Rotary in the Rainforest”

August 2015 Programs

August 3   Paola Estanislao, Human Trafficking Prosecutor, Santa Clara County: "Human Trafficking and How it Intersects our Lives"
August 10   New Member Talks: Charlie Weidanz, Tim Watson, Pamela Krudop
August 17   Susan Valenta District Governor
August 24   Catherine Elvert, City of Palo Alto: “From Sky to Sea - Understanding and Conserving Palo Alto’s Water from Source to End-Use." 
August 31   Dan Klein, Stanford U. Lecturer in Management and Drama, and dSchool: "Secrets of Status: How to Expand Your Authentic Range for Authority and Warmth"

July 2015 Programs

July 6   Club Assembly
July 13   William Meredith, Director, The Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies, SJSU: "San Jose: Beethoven's Third Home!"  
July 20   Carlos Martinez, East Palo Alto City Manager: "East Palo Alto: A City in Transition”
July 27   Keith Humphreys, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford School of Medicine: "Marijuana Legalization - Implications for California?"

June 2015 Programs

June 1   Supervisor Joe Simitian: "Can Buena Vista Be Saved?"
June 8   Jeff Rosen, District Attorney, Santa Clara County: "Crime and Punishment - Past, Present, and Future"
June 15   Joseph Stagner, Executive Director, Sustainability and Energy Management, Stanford: "Stanford Energy Systems Innovations Project"
June 22   George Koo: "Time to Change Our Conversation About China"
June 29   DARK - No Meeting

May 2015 Programs

May 4   Vocational Talks: Liz Kniss, Walt Hays, Trish Bubenik
May 11   Jeremy Hay, Knight Fellow 
May 18   Anna Itoi and Andy Hinton, Google Compliance: "The Role of the Ethics and Compliance Lawyer in a Major Corporation" 
May 25   DARK - No Meeting

April 2015 Programs

April 6   Izabela Moi, Knight Fellow: "Bringing Underrepresented Voices to Journalism in Brazil"
April 13   New Member Talks: Richard Keller, Lee Lippert, Lisa Akselrad 
April 20   Scott Sagan, "The Nuclear Future: Can We have the Spread of Nuclear Power without the Spread of Nuclear Weapons?" 
April 27   Charles Wasser or Jim Mealy: Global Polio Eradication and the Endgame Strategy 

March 2015 Programs

Mar 2   Jacqueline Fuller, Google   "Giving 2.0: What I've learned about strategic philanthropy from Google and Gates”
Mar 9   Chris Farina, Teacher of History and Social Science, Palo Alto High School "Ultimate Frisbee: History and Challenges of a Unique new Professional Sport" 
Mar 16   Deborah Gordon  “How ant colonies work with no one in charge”
Mar 23   Marcy Darnovsky, ED of Center for Genetics and Society "Does Biotech Become Us New Technologies and the Human Future"
Mar 30   Robert Siegel, Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, Stanford Medical School: "Infectious Disease and the Human-virus Relationship"

February 2015 Programs

Feb 2   Matthew Tiews  Executive Director of Arts Programs, Stanford
Feb 9   Carolyn Hinds  "Guide Dogs for the Blind"
Feb 16   Dickens Olewe, Knight Fellow  "Outsourcing Journalism in Kenya: The Increasing Influence of Political Cartoonist and Independent Commentators"
Feb 23   Bill Liberatore, Director and Advanced Vocal Group from Gunn Choir

January 2015 Programs

Jan 5   Linda Starr, Legal Director, Northern California Innocence Project
Jan 12   Vocational Talks: Todd Lewis, Betsy Bechtel, and Daryl Savage
Jan 19   Professor Gibor Basri, Vice Chancellor of Equity and Inclusion, UC Berkeley, "Diversifying Higher Education - Slides from presentations"
Jan 26   Arne Croce, Former City Manager of San Mateo and Los Altos: "Community of Bell - What Happened, Corrective Steps, and Current Status"