Speaker Date Topic
Zoom:Patty McGuigan,Renata Velcheva,Stans Kleijnen Jun 01, 2020
New Member Talks
Zoom: Stuart Coulson, Tamara Meklar, David Cutler Jun 08, 2020
Fortuna Cools and the Stanford Design for Extreme Affordability Program

Stuart Coulson is Adjunct Professor, Stanford Design School;  Tamara Mekler and David Cutler are with Fortuna Cools

Zoom: Dr. Laura Carstensen, Stanford Jun 15, 2020
Longevity -- New Map of Life

Dr. Laura Carstensen is Professor of Psychology and Public Policy, Stanford

Zoom: James Campbell,Professor of History,Stanford Jun 22, 2020
African American History and Reparations
Zoom: Dana's Virtual Debunking Jun 29, 2020
Members review the year of how President Dana Connected the World